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Registration and Participation in the Snipers Program is by Invite Only.

If you have been invited to join a team for the season you will be sent a web link to activate our registration system by an authorized coach or administrator.

Instructions for registering are as follows. 

1) If logging in or setting up a family account for the first time, enter your desired login email only, and the system will email to that address a temporary login password which you must change later as a part of registration. Be sure to check your junk folder if you do not see the password email within a few seconds of submitting your email.

2) Login with the email you chose and the temporary password sent.

3) One or more parents/guardians register first. Please enter the required information. In the email section, please add all the addresses (separated by comma) you want the system to send email to for team notifications, etc.

4) Be sure to select “Roster” or “Private” in the drop down boxes in the address, phone, and email sections. Private means no one can see your information other than the program administrators. Roster means that only people that are registered with the Program can see your information once they are logged in.
5) Indicate if you want the system to send you automatic email reminders to your indicated email addresses of practices, games, and other team events.
6) If you wish to register an additional guardian/parent, check the box and hit the submit button and the system will take you to another form to complete before getting to the player form.
7) Upon completing the parent guardian form(s), the system will take you to a player form. It will copy over almost all of the information from the guardian form(s) to save you time. Make any changes as needed.
8) You will need to enter the players name, date of birth and gender. BE SURE TO ENTER THE PROPER DATE OF BIRTH on the first try. BE SURE THAT THE PLAYER INFO YOU ARE ENTERING MATCHES THE NAME AND DATE OF BIRTH IN THE US LACROSSE SYSTEM OR WE WILL BE UNABLE TO PULL IN THAT INFO AND CONFIRM THAT THE PLAYER HAS A VALID US LACROSSE ID. We require all players to be covered with valid us lacrosse membership during the course of our program.

If you a mistake here, contact the program manager and they can fix it, but the system will not allow users to change birthdate info once entered and submitted. If you enter the proper birthday and the system says you are ineligible, your player may not be of the proper age for the team assigned. If so, please contact the program manager.
9) After submitting the information, the system will take you to a final screen where you select the team to register for. It will take you to a summary screen with payment options.

10) You may pay your deposit in full using using a credit or debit card (MC/Visa/Discover). Click on the credit card logos and it will take you to a screen where that information can be securely processed. Be sure to enter in the amount you want to pay where indicated. 

11) You may pay down your open balances at anytime by sending a check to the address noted above, or by credit/debit. To pay balances later by credit/debit, click "Edit My Account" on the left menu tab, log in with your login email and password, and when you are at your family home page select the credit card logos and you will be taken to the payment system where you may pay down the outstanding balances shown. Be sure to enter the amount you wish to pay towards the outstanding balance.
12) If you have more players to register either on the same or other teams, repeat the process outlined above by following the private link you were sent to that team’s registration. Login in with your specified email and password, and the system will take you to your family’s registration home screen. You will then see the option to add a child to the particular team you followed the link from. Click the button to add and the follow the instructions from above. Note that the parent(s) and guardian(s) as well as any children listed that are in the wrong age bracket will be listed as “ineligible’, that is because they are entered as parents not players and/or the system knows the age requirements for the particular team the registration link is for and only those in the system under your family that are of the proper age age will show green.

Refund, Payment & Privacy Policy:
Refund Policy:
Deposits paid to hold a player’s spot on an assigned team are non-refundable.
Balances paid, or installment payments made toward an open balance, when paid, are non-refundable for any reason.
In the case of a hardship, season ending injury to a player, or other special case, a partial, or conditional refund may be accommodated on a selective basis at the sole discretion of the organization.  Please contact the organization for consideration should you feel such a situation applies to you
Payment Policy:
Deposits due or any installment due must be paid within 30 days of first notification by the organization that such a payment is due. If payment is not received by the 30-day deadline, the organization reserves the right to retain any payments made to date, and forfeit the player's spot on his assigned team. 


Privacy Policy

Any personal or private information provided to the organization by families for player registration, payment, and program administration is used only for those internal purposes. The organization does not share or provide or sell information to any outside or third party for marketing, solicitation or other uses.