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Program contact: pwelch@nssniperslax.com


2017/2018 TOURNAMENTS (planned)

2018 Boys tournaments:
LI Laxfest @ Farmingdale NY                                      June 16 1 7
Gorilla Classic @ UMASS Amherst                              June 23
RI Classic @ Newport                                                    July  7, 8
Stowe Tourney @ Stowe VT                                          July 14, 15


2016/2017 Girls tournaments and approximate dates:

Fall Frenzy @ Devens      (Team 2021 and 2022 Only)                         November 8, 2016

Boston Strong @ Forekicks, Taunton (Team 2021 and 2022 Only)      February 27

NE Invitational, Umass Amherst MA       (All Teams)                            June 11

Port City Challenge, Portsmouth NH       (All Teams)                            June 24, 25

NE Youth All-Star, Devens MA                 (All Teams)                            July 8, 9


The Snipers home base is at Shore Country Day School in Beverly, MA.



The North Shore Snipers is a select level lacrosse program based on the North Shore of Boston, MA that competes in many of the top summer lacrosse tournaments in the Northeast. For 2016/17 we will operate boys teams at the 2026-2020 high school graduation year level (3rd-9th grade) and girls teams at the 2026-2021 levels (3rd-8th grade).

Tournament play is the most efficient way we have found to expose young players to the highest caliber of play against the best teams from all over the country.

Each tournament is like a mini-season, exposing the players to every variety of game situation in a short period of time, affording the players rapid growth and development in their skill and game sense. Tournaments are intense and highly competitive. Players will learn what it means to perform under pressure, to fail, to succeed, to deal with adversity, to be a good teammate, and to be resilient in the pursuit of victory on the field.     

Lastly, and most importantly, its a lot of fun.  The tournaments present a great opportunity for parents and players to bond together around a common interest and goal, and be surrounded by teams from all over the country who share a passion for the game, all in a festive atmosphere.


It starts with the recruitment of great athletes with a passion for the game and high potential in the sport. These players are then mentored and instructed by coaches who have significant playing experience and lengthy track records in coaching youth lacrosse. Without solid coaching and leadership, even the most skilled teams will not succeed.


To be a Sniper, as a baseline you have to be a great athlete and have a high skill level. But, lacrosse is team game, and playing the team game well is the only pathway for success against the caliber of competition faced in the top tournaments. The very best players will not dodge through 3 or more players and go coast to coast for the goal like they might have done in town lacrosse. It does not happen at this level because the skill is too high all around. Only team play and ball movement creates scoring chances against the top teams.

Team practices, and a significant number of them, are essential to have any hope of success. Proper systems of riding, clearing, defense, offensive sets and special situations play need to be learned, practiced and ingrained.

Some summer teams are just thrown together and have limited team practices, and they typically have limited success at the events. We are competing against great teams from Long Island, Maryland, upstate New York and other lacrosse hotbeds that practice all year round. They are great for a reason. They practice.

The Snipers is supportive of town lacrosse. Most of our players play town lax, and its a great way for them to work on their skills, get some extra playing time, and to play with local friends. Most town programs do a wonderful job of introducing the game and providing a place for the beginning player to develop over the typical 8 game season.

The Snipers recruits and draws players from as far away as players and their parents want to drive. We play 4+ games a weekend during tournament season, with the typical team playing 15-25 games in a 45 day period. Its a very different commitment level. It is intense, competitive, and for the right players, an awful lot of fun and a great development experience.

There is increasing pressure on athletes to specialize and pick one sport to focus on year round, or to try and play 2 or more sports during the same season. The pressure mounts early and is extending to younger and younger age groups. We believe playing multiple sports during their proper seasons develops a great overall athlete and ultimately a better lacrosse player.

Specialization is fine, but not until the players are heading to high school. Multi-sport athletes are fantastic, but during the same season it impacts commitment to your in-season team.

We expect and encourage players not committed to a full season or extended season team to be focused on other activities in the fall, winter, and late summer, but during our season, from April- mid-July, players are expected focus on lacrosse and to give it the priority over other commitments. 

Out of season, for our summer teams offer optional clinics and playing opportunities for our players who have spare time and want to keep their skills sharp. There is no shortage of lacrosse instruction and opportunity through the program, but out of season they are optional, paid for a-la cart, and we expect that other in season sports rightly have priority. For our few extended season teams, for the older players who have decided to make lacrosse more of a year round priority, the off season practices and fall and winter events are part of the standard program offering.